Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your favorite is ... ??!?

Do you have a "favorite" ... 
anything in life ... in general?!? 

I DO !!!

And there are too many ...   (^^;)

These beautiful Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal
is some of my "favorite" and they
happens to be a bit of a ... (what can I say!) 


The color, the size (all BIG !!!!), the pattern, 
the play of color, the clarity and the uniqueness ... 
Everything about these beauties are just


If you ever find a chance to visit Surfers Paradise 
(Gold Coast), please feel free to come into our 
showroom and touch these favorite opals of mine ... 
You'll be happy and probably gain lots of good powers 
when you're stepping out of the showroom, guaranteed !!!!

Alternatively, check out our beautiful 
"rainbow collection" from the link here. 
Have fun today !!

xxxx      Malayvone 

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