Monday, March 4, 2013

☆ The beauty of hand ☆

 Hello (*^・ェ・)♪
It is sunny day in Gold coast ~

 I went to my favorite nail salon   ネイル のデコメ絵文字
Do you like nailing ?
My salon is
BELLEZAK Hair&Beauty  *きゃわたん* デコメ絵文字
Shop is like this...
They have a lovely doggy 
かわいい のデコメ絵文字  Mr.  Ben    かわいい のデコメ絵文字 
will welcome you!
Counselling with Nailist Yuka san
Very Cute ~
*きゃわたん* デコメ絵文字Elegant nail is my choice *きゃわたん* デコメ絵文字
 This is gel nails

Look at the red Bear on her nail !!!
   きゃわたん★~くま~ の画像きゃわたん★~くま~ の画像きゃわたん★~くま~ の画像

きゃわたん★~くま~ の画像きゃわたん★~くま~ の画像

Waiting for my nails dry.....
Finish !!!

  How pretty isn't it ?
Feel like decorating my nail
with our special one piece....☆
Now let me introduce our ring ~


↓ Please click here to see detail.

Solid Australian Boulder Opal Silver Ring

Also, we are welcome for semi-order designed jewellery!

Would you like your special one?

↓Please click here

 ☆ How to order your opal jewellery ☆

Have a lovely day ~

ネイル の画像


xxx  Miyuki

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