Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Show ... In JAPAN !!


Looking at this beautiful blue sky makes me feel happy & fresh always ... Hello Japan, I am heading to see you all tomorrow, my friends!! Another busy week, another show to attend ...  

I am taking off to Japan tomorrow for another 'Mineral Show' !! Of course I airn't just go all the way to Japan for WORK ...  (><)
No way ... I will have to enjoy all GOOD FOODS while I'm there, hahaha!! 

I will be carrying one of my favorite Lightning Ridge, Black Opal Loose (see the link here) with me so that I can always feel Gold Coast's TRUE BLUE SKY ...

But since my job is to show & share these beautiful 'rainbow collection' from Australia, I need to wark hard, do my job before thinking of anything else. 

I am going to miss Australia's beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine, my beautiful shop staffs and my family for a week though ...  Everytime I think of my city's weather, it reminds me of this BLACK OPAL LOOSE !!!

Until my return to Gold Coast at the end of March, please stay 'happy' my friends!!!!   (^^)
xxxx     Malayvone

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