Monday, October 22, 2012

What to do on a HOT DAY !!??!

Hello from Gold Coast !!!

Wow, it was really hot and humid yesterday, wasn't it? Well, since it was 'hot' yesterday, all my family could think of was to jump into the swimming pool and save yourselves!
But just don't forget some important rules ... which is to 'Splash sun oils' all over your face & body ... And 'Wear your UV sunglasses' to protect your eyes!!  

But, really, in the end ... This is what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just like "Don't worry, be happy and just hang on to your Daddy" (hahahaha ...)

In the city life like this, we can jump into the pool and cool yourselves ... but in the opal mine, there is no such facility so we only can run to the PUB to avoid the heat and just drink non stop!!! That's AUSTRALIAN WAY to get through the day during summer time ...
Gold Coast is nice and sunny, come and walk along the beach ... You will enjoy your day for sure   (^^)  
xxxx       Malayvone

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