Wednesday, October 3, 2012



OK ... here is a good example of how to show your 'LOVE' to your family! It's not about 'how much money you'll spend' but 'how much time & energy you'll spend' on selecting a special gift for a special person.
This customer was looking for a present for their sister, so I have made an original designed bead bracelet - to suit their 'need' and that was exactly what they were looking for ... Knowing how fussy their sister (in Japan) would be, her favorite color and adding her birthstone, etc.
Anyway, after a little bit of confusion and dilemma, they have finally chosen a piece just for their sister!!!
The color of 'YELLOW' ... represents HAPPINESS and FUN.
This color should bring you lots of good inspiration, vitality, energy and illumination in life !!!!
With their sister's wedding coming in few days time, sure this special 'OPAL BEADS BRACELET'  from AUSTRALIA will add more energy and happiness to her life. Congratulations & Forever happiness...
xxxx    Malayvone


  1. Exactly you are correct:

    ( It's not about 'how much money you'll spend' but 'how much time & energy you'll spend' on selecting a special gift for a special person )

    I really like this post and I am looking to see more posts in upcoming days..Thanks a lot for the nice blog..

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  2. Dear Mr.Jack,
    Thank you for your lovely comment!! I'll keep up my work for sure... I have a passion for Australian Opal, I wish you do... Well stay in touch!!