Monday, October 15, 2012

Lightning Ridge, here we go again!!

Well, well, well ...
Here we are again, at Lightning Ridge with our experienced opal miner "MR. KEN WESTBROOK" !!! Look at his smiling face, must be happy to see us (MAYU next to him) at his PUB - The Sheepyard Pub.

Well, opal miners love to drink day & night, but also love to find opal all day long... When they are not at the pub or on the ground, they're always UNDERGROUND, digging non-stop!!!
And ofcourse, our Lightning Ridge visit won't be completed without a great "Driver Guide - Larry" !!!
Visiting our friends at Black Opal field always made us feel welcoming, busy running around and creating more business for future ... Thank you Ken, Roger and Larry ... Now it's time to fly bacl to Gold Coast by a "Charter Flight" ... Thank you Glen & Andrew for a comfortable flight!! We will see you again ...  (^^)
xxxx    Malayvone

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