Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lightning Ridge ... here I come !!!

And this is how wetook a small group from Japan to there ... by a CHARTER FLIGHT, nice hey?
As always, Lightning Ridge was sunny & dry ... A friendly (??!) place with all sorts of wildlife awaits for our arrivals.
Our good friend, who's been mining opals for about 30 years, was so inviting, he even took us underground to experience the actual mining process!!! What a great friend we have ...
So ... where is a quality opal?
Can you see something's hiding here??
Understanding how rare it becames to find any 'QUALITY PIECE' today, we just had to cut & polish some of the 'POTCH' - Non Colored Opals ...
Well, well, well, are we lucky on not??!!?? May be not this time ... they're too grey, not very bright and too sandy. This won't become a 'GEM QUALITY' unfortunately.
There's always next time & we are heading to L/R again next month!!! See you all soon.
xxxx      Malayvone

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