Sunday, August 5, 2012

boulder opal mine

Our Boulder Opal mine is
at an extremly remote location,
travelling from Brisbane takes
a total of 35 hours on rugged bush track.

To locate the opal, the first step is
to drill into the grounds to find evidence of opal,
which is called "Opal level"
- stone layer that has a high possibility of containing opal.

An excavator is a fast way of getting opal level.
The biggest challenge to most opal miners
 is the cost of diesel.....
All Australian Opal is becoming significantly
 more expensive to mine.....

Miners crack the unearthed rock using with large hammers.
They look for the opal inside.

Most Qust Queensland opal forms inside the rock,
hence the name Boulder Opal.


This is what all the hard work is for,
beautiful wonderful opal!!!!!

By the way, after all mining has been completed
we will return the enviroment back to the way it was.

Want to learn more about Australian Opal??

xxx mayu

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