Monday, August 27, 2012

An Opal from Koroit

We have less than 4 days to go for Spring,
here in Gold coast...
Exciting??? Yes, very much!!!
Such as my feeling right now,
we have got a new exciting beauty.

An 100% natural,
 Boulder Opal from Koroit, QLD.
In general, this field is famous for Matrix Opal,
which is an opal mixed with the parent rock (ironstone) .
like a picture below.
Because the special formation of ground,
which creats rare and unique Boulder opals,
the opal has vivid red, green, yellow, blue
and so on, involved with a natural looking ironstone.

Soft, but joyful rainbow colours in a good shape
is definitely hard to come...
It would be a so much fun for you!!
To see more photos,
click here to jump our website.
Thank you & have a great afternoon.
xxx Mayu

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