Thursday, July 12, 2012

New arrival!! rich pair of jewelleries

A new pendant has just arrived at Opal Direct!!

A 2.09carat, magnificent Australian Black Opal
set into K18 white gold with brilliant diamonds around.

Blue and green colours moves like a candle flame,
then shines intensely on your skin.

When you enjoy the rich jewellery like this,
you probably would like to try "a pair".

So here is some idea :)

A 2.20carat Black Opal as a center stone,
lots of diamond on its design.
( See older post which was talking
about this adorable Black Opal.)

These two solid Black Opals still have some
similarity and also have uniqueness on their own.

You can enjoy them wearing
together as a matching pair or
one each with your own jewellery.

Opal Direct have a lot of opal loose stone
 which are ready to set,
so we are happy to help you to make
your opal jewellery!!

Visit our website to find more beauties!!

xxx Mayu

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