Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Cinderella piece ...

We have found a "CINDERELLA" who'd enjoy this superb ring perfectly!!
This is 'Solid, Australian Boulder Opal set in Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconias' and it is a hand-made piece.

As you can see how luxury it's been made, nice and heavy finished but not too heavy which will make the wearer feeling uncomfortable...It's almost impossible to re-size a special ring like this due to the amount of stones been setted.

Can you imagine how much time and efforts the Jeweller has put inot this design by looking at the ring from the bottom site?
That's why 'hand-made ' item is so special !!!

Our customer was so happy when she found this beautiful ring dispayed in our showroom and when she realized that the ring fitted her finger so perfectly...and so are we.
A true Cinderella story I call, hehehe...

xxxx     Malayvone

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