Sunday, July 22, 2012

Australian Gift

Good morning from Surfers Paradise!!!

Today, I had suprising customers.
My sweet sharemates!

They were here to look for something Australian
 for our other share mate's Birthday☆

My recomenndation is.....

Of course OPAL!!!!

Here is our new creation of beads breaslet.
Unisex design, using Queensland boulder opal in the center,
Turquoise, Lapislazuli and Tiger's eye.
For more shiny and rich image, we also use silver color beads in this item!

These color reminds me of Australia!
Beautiful sunny sky from Turquoise
Deep blue night sea from Lapislazuli


Boulder opal, which  makes me remember heartful & peaceful Aussie soul!

hahaha ~☆ 

That's so Australian !!!
to meet your  ONE & ONLY  

Have a lovely Sunday !!!
xxx Noriko


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