Thursday, June 14, 2012

Red On Black

Have a look at this video on our You Tube channel!!!

Solid Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge

It's rare to see such a RED!!!!!

If it is a ruby, it should be called a "pigeon red"
to express it's glowing appearance.

If it is a coral, it should be called a "oxblood red"
which means a top quality of all.

If you are looking for a fire opal
by expecting like a Mexican "fire" opal,
you will be even surprised
due to its dark and bright appearance.

A true top quality red opal or fire opal 
would have a really vivid red colour
 on the black body tone.

Yes, we call "RED ON BLACK".

Wooooo, it definitely takes our breath away!!!!

xxx Mayu

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