Sunday, June 10, 2012


Just completed an exhibiton yesterday.

Here is a sample image of our 'SPECIAL ACTIVITY' besides selling in retail space & selling online...

We arrange, organise and set-up an exclusive exhibition for the VIP TOUR from time to time!!

Do you know what exhibition is like? It is a special arrangement which several companies or several opal dealers'd organize their potential customers (buyers) to a VIP ROOM, and allow the customer to see & touch our beautiful Black Opal & Boulder Opal collection all at once, in one place. 

How can that be possible to get organized?

Well, an opal dealer like us, who carries a large range of 'QUALITY STOCK' can only make the exhibition like this possible... Not only the quality or the large range of stock will be necessary, but the trust, reputation & communication skill is also crutial to make it happen & successful !!!

Please don't hesitate to seek for our help if you'd like something like this to happen in your area.

xxxx      Malayvone

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