Friday, June 29, 2012

Making an original ordered pendant top part1

On today and next upload,
I am going to report how to make an original jewellery.

This time, one of very fashionable customer
has ordered to set his favorite opal from Opal Direct
into his own "COOL" silver pendant.

 This is the Loose Stone that he selected from Opal Direct.
We have introduced this beauty on the other day in here.
Solid Australian Boulder Opal 2.05carat from Queensland.
What a sparkling colour it has!!!!

Then, this is his pendant head.

We want the opal to sit on it like the picture below.

How the jeweller work on them!?
Would it be perfect!?
Would the opal sit nicely on the pendant head!?

I will report how it ends up next update!!!!
So don't miss out!!!

Opal Direct website

xxx Mayu


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