Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Double Face Black Opal

Good afternoon!!

 A new collection of gorgeous,
 high-quality  genuine and precious Black and
Boulder Opal has just arrived at Opal Direct. 

Today, I would like to introduce you
one of my favorite piece!!

In fact, it is a double face (reversible) opal!!!

So let's see on the other side of it.

This Australian Black Opal has a completely
different pattern on the other side!!
means, you can enjoy 2 types of character
in one piece!!!!

Having 2 faces means it has a really deep oparized area
therefore colours it's showing should be very strong and deep.

Moreover, with the dark body tone like this Black Opal
kicks the colour rather than with a milky body tone.

It's a quite good deal, I have to say...

In the end,
 when someone pick up this opal and consider
to make a jewellery with it,
the designer and jeweller will help to make some sort of
special design, to see both side all the time.

Enjoy more of this beautiful blue-green Black Opal???

the world's finest opal retail & wholesale
 company from Australia :)
Have a lovely afternoon.
xxx Mayu

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