Tuesday, May 8, 2012

design by Irene Neuwirth

This amazing work is created by Irene Neuwirth,
which is a privately owned fine jewelry company
based in Los Angeles.  

Founded in 2003 by designer Irene Neuwirth
and business partner Tracy Stoll,
the company has emerged
as a leading jewelry brand in the US,
recognized by its uniquely modern and sophisticated designs.
The Irene Neuwirth collections are
widely anticipated season to season
by a fashion-forward and discriminating clientele,
who have come to expect a line
that delivers a precise balance between timeless,
collectable jewelry and
the ultimate modern fashion statement.

Her design is one of a kind,
energetic and espesially,
her remarkable creativity
 shows the beauty of opal as a modern
and fashion forward!!!  

I wish people realise the true beauty of opal
by her design and start loving opal!!

(All pictures are from http://www.barneys.com/)

xxx Mayu

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