Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little quiz

Which opal is more "Expensive" ????

a) Solid Black Opal 6.13 carat


b) Solid Black Opal 4.15 carat

I sometimes ask the same question to customers,
and they usualy answer "a)" is more expensive than b),
because of its largeness and red colour. 

As you already might know,
red colour is the most rarest colour in Black Opal.
And size is very important to judge its value.

I got the point,
but the truth is ........."b)".
"b)" is more expensive than "a)"....

Let me exlpain!!

Talking about a),
yes, red colour is involved and larger than b).....

On the other hand,
a)'s body tone is kind of gray
therefore it affects the value,
even though a) has a rare red colour...

The other point is,
 don't forget "brilliancy"!!!!
Without it, any gemstone will be insignificant.....

I have to say b) is more expensive than a).

However, final choice is always up to you!!
If you think the one is beautiful
and it looks good on your skin,
no matter what I say about the rareness, 
why not :)

Gemstone is for making you feel super special
and last forever, always beside you.

So choose the one with your heart!

xxx Mayu

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