Monday, April 2, 2012

"bijew"-Original designed jewellery

Good evening!!

I would like to anoounce our new FB page
for "bijew"
- Original design Opal
& Semi Precious stone Jewelley-
to you!!!


We started new jewelley line
"bijew collection"
( Items showing the picuture on top )
which we use Synthetic Opal as a fashion!!

Australian quality opal
 ( especially Black Opal & Boulder Opal )
is extremely precious today,
its popularity has also increased
but its production has declined dramatically
due to the high cost of petrol,
the new lease cost,
 the operation of machinery and the labor cost.

How can one introduce something really trendy,
beautiful and special
within an affordable price range
when the market value is so high ?

How can one show that this is new,
 extra-ordinary and original
that no other opal dealer has done before ?

That was our dilemma,
 very challenging
 but finally we have done it !!

This new site is proudly introduced
 by Australian Designers
who has so much passion & creativity
in offering original, trendy products
and we are confident
that you'll love every piece
showing on this website.

Enjoy your time and
we hope you'll like “ bijew collection ”
as much as we do!!!!

bijew website: click here.
bijew FB page: clike here and like it!! 

Have a lovely night xxx

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