Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is the hardness of Opal???

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I always get a question from customers,
"What is the hardness of Opal???"

Gemstones are rated for hardness on the Mohs scale.

So according to the Mohs scale,
Opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5.

Comparing to Pearl
( Mohs scale3.5 to 4.0)
Opal is not fragile.
so you don't need to worry too much
when you wear Opal jewellery.

Just be aware of taking off when you do any hard sports,
dish washing or gardening,
similarly you take care of any kind of gemstones.

You wear your opal after dress up,
and take it off before undress yourself.

if your opal get any sauce on
when you are having dinner,
( Of course everyone wants to enjoy your opal
on your date!!! )

take it easy, don't panic!!

Sauce can't change the beauty of your opal,
so just wash the sauce out gently,
and wipe your opal by using a soft tissue or cloth.

Also, avoid finger prints,
and keep your opal in a soft box by itself 
as well as not mixing with any other jewellery!
( just to avoid any scratches!!!)

Then, you always enjoy your beautiful opal
in the best condition!!!

Hope these information would be your help....

Oh, here is some interesting experiments
for opal....

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