Monday, March 19, 2012

My curiosity

Good afternoon!!

My favorite painter,
Pierre-Auguste Renoir,
who He was a leading painter
in the development of the Impressionist style.

He painted his impressions of how things looked,
working in the open air
to catch the changing effects
of light on the colours around him.

Here the river is a deep blue,
because the water is reflecting a blue sky.
Reflections of people, boats and buildings cast their own colours into the river.

The flickering surface scatters the light
and splinters the reflections,
breaking up the colours.
The river becomes a kaleidoscope of mixing,
merging colour fragments....

Reflections of colours in the river
 kept changing every second
and he could't see the same scene again.

It would be an impression only in a moment so
it is not so easy to express his impression into his painting.

I guess he was so romantic and
sensitive painter.....

And I can't stop thinking that
if he has seen a Black opal
he must have been interested in
the way that colours react with each other!

I wish I could see
how he plays with the colours of an opal...

Have a lovely day xxx

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