Saturday, March 24, 2012

gran blue earring

Good evening.

Opals are never found in a perfect match....

So to make a earring,
we take time to find two sililar loose stones
which possibly will be a pair for earring.

We luckly found a nice pair in a Black Opal!
Similar shape, size, thickness and colour.
So we desided to make a beautiful pair of earring.

They are set by hand in 18karat white gold with diamonds.

As soon as we displayed them,
an European couple who were visiting Australia on holiday
purchased them.

"we've been looking for a high quality Black Opal earring
in a reasonable price,
but nobody could offer them,
or there are a lot of low quality opals and too expensive!!"
they told me.....

As a wholesaler,
we always try our best in a quality and price,
so I am very happy that
they understand the quality we have.

to see what is avairable now.

Once again,
we are having a massive sale
(it is our first time to have a sale)
and it will be end soon...

Have a lovely weekend xxx

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