Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARE YOU IN STYLE .... ??!!?

What is your "STYLE" ...  ??!

Are you looking for a special piece of gemstone that you can invest on and maybe especailly create something just for yourself from the scratch? Do you deserve the "BEST" always? 

I mean, what sort of image would you like to have when it come to presenting who you are?
When customer is selecting opals in the shop, their choices usually tell me how they wanted to be seen and what sort of personality they are depending on what the piece they buy!!

Are you just happy being who you are and not worried how people will see you?Whether you are wearing a $$ man-made jewellery or covered with all imitation items, you'll just feel happy & proud??

I believe people have more choices today and it's alright to select anything they want.... but always remember, that "GOOD THINGS ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE" and "SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY" so your happiness will last longer.

XXXX     Malayvone

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