Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snail fish in the deep-sea


"The deepest parts of the ocean are some of the least hospitable places on Earth.
Yet footage from recent expeditions carried out by scientists at the University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab reveals that life in the oceanic trenches is thriving.
At 7,700m below sea level in the Japan Trench, in the Pacific, the team filmed a large shoal of snail fish. Dr Alan Jamieson explains that this was the first time fish had been filmed at these depths."

What a wonder!!!!!!

I never imagine that there is life at 7,700m depth!!!

I watched this video in the morning.
And while I was cleaning up opals in the shop, my eyes were stuck on the one piece....

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So happy to find you!!!!

Hope you to see beautiful & mysterious Snailfish in the deep sea on this Boulder Opal......

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Have a lovely day xxx

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