Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot weather, hot story

It's 35 degrees in Gold Coast!!
I am in a very happy mood because I LOVE SUMMER, but my big boss is ......(^^;)

Today, I would like to share the story which my boss wrote down on his blog.
His blog is in Japanese, so I'll translate into English.

He goes on a business trip to Japan several times in an year.

Last December when he visited to Japan, one of his customer, who is a craftman of a musical instrument, showed him these awesome jobs to him!!!!! 

The customer mainly makes a violin, and sometimes he creats some wooden works in his spare time.
He wasn't familiar with opals but once he saw our opals, he became to love the beauty of opals!! Meeting opals has stimulated his interest and creativity!!

My boss was pretty impressed by the warmth and softness of his handwork.
It was very new style to my boss to enjoy the beauty of opal, however, he loves it so much in spite of his picky taste.

 Thank you very much to Mr.S for showing them!!

Hope we'll see another works soon.

Have a lovewly night. xxx

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