Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ethical Jewellery


Still raining in Gold Coast.
I miss sunshine...

Have you heard the word "Ethical Jewellery" before??

Definition Ethical:
Ethical is a general term, currently understood by many consumers to mean products that are produced and traded in ways that avoid or lessen social, environmental, economic, cultural and/or political harm an or produce social, environmental, economic, cultural and/ or political benefits at local, national, regional, or global scales and according to the values of the actors in the supply chain, including the consumer.

As I talked about Conflict-free Diamond on this blog before, Gemstone / Jewellery industry is now taking steps to avoide child labour, forced labour, gender balance, adverse health and safety conditions in the process of minig gemstones and manufacturing jewelleries.

On the other hand, Australian Black and Boulder opal is very "CLEAN and CLEAR" gemstone.

Opal miners are not too many but I am sure everyone just LOVE what they do.
Some of the miners are over 70 years old and still mine opals everyday.

They have a great passion for their job.
It doesn't matter whether they can find a good one or not, they have too much fun to mine opals. 

"I am not going to quit my job, as long as I can move!!"
One of our friend who mines Black Opal in Lightning Ridge over 50 years said. 

Ethical gemstone, Black Opal and Boulde Opal...

There is a reason why they attract people from ancient time until today...

Have a lovely day xxx

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