Monday, December 19, 2011


The weather in Gold Coast today is as peaceful as this picture....

I always think how LUCKY I am, to be able to live in GOLD COAST and make living on what I love doing the most .... and that is a "Jewellery Business" I'm involved in.

Introducing High Jewellery to our customers can be very demanding & a hard work, but if you truly believe what you're doing is special and simply for the satisfaction (NOT for money...), then you'll be able to continue your profession in this industry for many years to come !!!!

So, everyone should think this...  Enjoy every moment of your life and just think how lucky where & who we are today, because regretting doesn't lead you anywhere...
Have another beautiful day!!

xxxx     Malayvone


  1. i miss summer so baddddd

    check my blog and pls follow me on bloglovin :) xxx

    and my sale blog: selling rick owens, celine, miu miu etc. xxx

  2. Amazing photos, love your blog! Im following, maybe you couold check out mine sometime? :)
    Aly xx

    1. Aly,
      I love your blog too!! stay in touch xoxo (I'm so sorry for too late responce... just noticed X( ...)

  3. you can be glad you're having summer in australia right now! I'm in Japan and it's freeeezing! I'd like to come over for some sunny days :D

    1. Julie,
      Thank you for your comment!! & so sorry for late reply... I'm not good at computer things...Well, now it's in winter here in GC, so we all want to go to Japan, enjoy the beautiful weather over there!!