Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip to Lightning Ridge

Last month, I visited the Black opal field "Lightning Ridge" !!!
It was my second time to go there and I took 4 guests from Japan to show the field.

First time to get in a propeller plane!!

We headed to a very famous touristic place in Lightning Ridge, "an opal cave museum",  soon after our arrival.
The founder of the museum, Ron, is an opal miner in Lightning Ridge and also an artist.
There are a lot of  paints on the wall and figures in the cave, which Ron was actually used to mine for Black opal.

He did all the paintings and carving by himself little by little, when there's a spare moment of his work.
He didn't expect that the cave would be a touristic place, he just loves what he does!!
It was good to see you again, Ron!!

Next destination was Grawin, where is 40km away from the main town and one of the most active field in Lightning Ridge.
We visit here, to see my friend, KEN!!

He organized a cutting demonstration and also took us to his cave.

Always smile,calm and kind...
Thank you sooo much Ken!!

It was only a day trip, but it recalled to my mind how people love mining opals and how hard to find a good one I really appreciate that I can introduce such a precious gemstones!!

Thank you everyone I met in Ridge, hope to see you again soon!!


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