Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doublet Opal

The other day I explained about Triplet Opal on this blog. So today, I will talk about Doublet Opal here.

As I mentioned before, Doublet opal is man-made opal.
It's usually two pieces cemented together. It is made by cementing a white or crystal opal on top of a dark back that enhances the colour.

It is not difficult to find Doublet Opal in an opal shop or jewellery shop in Australia. Sometimes, they are expensive than low quality solid opal because of the brightness of the colour and pattern. Confusingly, some shops introduce it as a "Solid Doublet Opal"...

Don’t forget, the “beauty” on Doublet is created by human using glue, and it’s never last for long time. The colour will fade eventually…

Look at this picture below. To make Doublet Opal, people use a natural potch (right) or an ironstone (left). 
They look so natural, don't they?

In a common way to make Doublet Opal, it should have a straight line between opalized area and ironstone, like the picure below.
Now, the new technology can make a natural line.  Have a look at this!!!!
Can you see how natural the line is?

It's very confusing.....

Please be aware of man-made opal, choose an opal carefully.
I would like you to have a right opal in a reasonable price without making a mistake.
Then you will love your opal forever and pass it to the next  generation.
That's how you enjoy a good gemstone!!

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Have a lovely evening!x

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