Monday, September 5, 2011


A memorable BLACK OPAL MAN'S RING.  

The story begins as this...
A gentleman has brought this black opal ring, wanted it repaired because there was a deep crack on opal and also mentioned that he paid around AUD$5000 for a ring (10years ago). I suggested him to find a new opal loose stone to replace, since the crack was too deep to get fixed and unstable to continue wearing.

He agreed, then we took a ring to a jeweller nearby (along with the ring owner), found out right infront of us, that a cracked opal on the ring was not SOLID but DOUBLET OPAL. What a disappointment!! So, basically he has paid AUD$5000 for a plain 18K Yellow Gold, no diamond, no real black opal or wahtsoever...

Well, eventually he was happy to allow us to use his original gold casting and to put a new Black Opal (A$3600)as replacement. This is what his ring has turned out in the end, "real value for the real opal ring"!!!! He still is enjoy wearing a black opal ring daily.                      

xxxx    Malayvone

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