Wednesday, September 21, 2011

QUEEN OF GEM, or not...?!

Good afternoon!
See these opals in this picture, they are so beautiful, aren't they??
But to tell you the truth, they can't be sold as 'gemstone quality' because they're all 'damaged / cracked'.

Today, I'm going to clarify something about opal as "precious gemstone".

As you have learned in our EXPERIMENTS, opal is not easy to break or damage (especially Australian Black opal and Boulder opal). Some pepole still believe that opal needs to be soaked in water regularly as they tend to get damaged when dried or after been exposed in the heat...of course that's not true.

Anyway, what I'd like to share with you is that there are few ragile or cracked opals found in the mine, and we would never introduce those as 'gemstone quality' in our store. They are fragile because they contain too much water or too sandy (too much inclusions).
Sometimes they're deeply scratched or cracked while opal cutters get them cut and polished.... 
Only professionals and experienced gem dealers can see the condition of each opal and be able to tell which opal belongs to the "gemstone quality".

Once they are cracked, it would just become a 'personal collection' but never be a quality to sell or to introduce to our customers in this business. That's how we keep our reputation until now!

Sadly, there are many shops and many opal dealers don't care about their quality and explain the difference between high range to low range...(even when they are located in very reputable shopping areas, international airports or exposed online businesses).
And it is extremely confusing for all gemstone admires to distinguish the difference.

We've met many customers who's spend many thousand of dollars for cracked / damaged opals so please be very careful...

DO NOT select opals due to low prices or discout rates!! 

Do some researches, find the right dealer who can show everything and who you can trust.

To find more tips on; "How to buy a right one?" visit our website.

Such a beautiful day here in Gold Coast.
Hope everyone enjoys this weather.


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