Monday, September 26, 2011

Natural "HEART SHAPE"....


What an interesting FORM !!!

Have a look at this lovely BLACK OPAL in its NATURAL HEART SHAPE.

As you may already know how rare to find a quality piece with full face of color in Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, just like a picture showing here.....

It is already difficult to find one piece with bright color, so it's naturally very rare to find a beautiful piece with a good proportion ( ie. rounded / oval shape with high cabochon / domed ) as well !!!

But quality gemstone is desired to be kept in its maximum carat weight for its value, so to keep it as large as possible, sometimes you have no choice but to enjoy its natural shape like this!
This Black Opal has turned out to be in this shape simply because that's what opal cutter has left with, after chipping the sand clay & polished it to get only the colorful area.

It might not be how opal collector wanted it to be at the beginning, but nobody wants to lose its carat weights too..... therefore, here you are, not perfect but one can learn to LOVE this SHAPE!!!

This piece is just for someone who has a BIG HEART.
Enjoy your evening....   (^^)

xxxx   Malayvone

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