Friday, September 16, 2011


Having "BUSINESS" in Gold Coast can be good and bad....

As you can imagine, many people will visit Gold Coast and browse around Surfers Paradise & Broadbeach everyday.

The weather can never be so perfect (compare to other cities) and you don't need to worry about the raffics when heading for work every morning.

Things are pretty much simple, beautiful and relaxed here......   BUT !!!!!!!

One thing makes me wonder (lately) though,  is,
"I am in Paradise, very gladful for where I am, but how come I don't get much chance to walk around the beach & enjoy the sunshine like everyone else!!"

Love my profession, love talking to customers, love how time passes day by day but feeling I am missing something lately.....
Well, better consider going to the beach tomorrow (hahaha)!!!!

Have a lovely evening, everyone.

xxxx    Malayvone

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