Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to select a quality piece of 'Black Opal'?

Do you know how does the high quality "Black Opal" look like?
A lot of people believe that high quality "Black Opal" tends to be really black (or just dark) like a picture below, simply because that's what many shop asisstants or opal dealers would tell their customers when selling it.

As an Australian Black Opal  & Boulder Opal Specialist, I can not help but to tell you that "it is not true" and a high quality Black Opal shows vibrant colors on its surface reflecting the dark body tone.

The more color, the more valuable. Especially in Black Opal family, if it comes in colors like red or rainbow, then it's the rarest, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. What's rare simply become valuable. Also a large, unusual pattern is often valuable than a small, common pattern.

A name of "Black Opal" - is taken from its natural dark body tone or its black backing appearance (sometimes called this a 'black potch'). So the proper definition of quality Black Opal is, "the opal which has bright colors on its surface and comes with a black or a grey natural base (potch)".

I hope you can find a good retailer that you can trust, for selecting the right gem or quality jewellery .
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