Thursday, June 16, 2011


The moon turned into a blood-red colour as it entered the Earth's shadow this morning, about 5:20am.

The ash from a volcano in Chile would put a little bit more dust into the atmosphere. But really, it's the whole of the Earth's atmosphere that's causing that redness on the moon. The light from the sun filters through the Earth's atmosphere and actually falls on the moon's surface, so you get this blood-red effect.

One of the observatory's professor said, “if you could stand on the moon and watch the total lunar eclipse, the view would be even more dramatic. You would see the Earth blocking out the sun but with this really bright red ring around the Earth.“

How romantic...or mysterious?????

I feel that myself or my problems are just tiny things when I see the huge “power of the nature" like this....

Have a lovely evening:)

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