Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of my favorite...!

Hello how was your weekend?
I hope everyone had a great time!

Today I'd love to introduce you one of my favorite "Boulder Opal".
"Boulder Opal" is ONLY from Queensland which has a unique shape and strong colors.

This is my favorite!
A Boulder Opal with 35.95carat

I love this beautiful blue and green color!!
It's almost like the Gold Coast's ocean.
When you move this Boulder Opal on your hand, you will see the more beautiful colors.
And also you will be able to see these colors
from any angles!!
(To see from the other angles please click here.)

I want to tell you one more good point of this opal.
This Boulder Opal has "clean face", which means no ironstone showing on the surface. Because Boulder Opal naturally forms with ironstone on the back of opal, most of Boulder Opals have ironstone on the surface of opals as well. (We call this "a sand spot")
Sometimes, if a sand spot is clearly noticeable or makes cloudiness on the surface it could affect the value.
 "Clean face” Boulder Opal is very hard to find, especially with intense colors like this piece!!

If you would like to know more about this Boulder Opal, please have a look our website, or visit our store in Surfers Paradise.

Have a lovely afternoon.

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