Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess what!!

Guess what we've got today!!!!?


Do you know what kind of rocks these are?

They are Boulder Opal's rocks!

These rocks are called  'Rough material'  and they are Boulder opal from Queensland. Unfortunately these rocks won't become a gem quality...
So we are going to leave them as a display.

If you are really really lucky to find a quality piece, then when you cut and polish
you might see something like this!!!!!!!

This is a boulder opal, 19.75carat, with an amazing green and blue colour....

Every year, it's getting rarer  to find good quality Opals...
That is why many people love them, because of its rareness.

Please visit our store or have a look at our website or Facebook Page  to see
more beautiful collections of our opals!

Have a lovely afternoon :)

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